Rolls-Royce car company to launch boat tail .

          Rolls-Royce is launching the world’s most expensive car, the Boat Tail . The four-seater car has many excellent features.    The Limousine, a Rolls-Royce  luxury car, is already popular all over the world. But now the car introduced by this company is the most expensive car in the world. the car is named boat tail. It costs $13 million.  That’s 200 crores. Rolls-Royce Swipe Tail has attracted a lot of customers. It looks like the wings of a butterfly when it opens the car. 

        Until now, this sweep tail rolls-royle car is the most expensive car. In this car, all necessary facilities have been provided to those who go to celebrate holidays or tours.    Facilities are provided to place goods in the rear of the car. A cooler has been set up to place the car owner’s favourite ‘ bottles of champagne’ .  It is also said that the facilities will be customised according to the wishes and requirements of the buyer. The price of the 2021 Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is Rs 200 crore, to be said in Indian rupees. So, even the smallest parts fitted to this car are very carefully and very elegantly designed.

        The design of the car has been in progress for nearly 4 years.  The principal designers of Rolls-Royce were involved in the design work.  3 models of the world’s most expensive car will be launched.  One of these cars was purchased by a music industry man and his wife. However, the identity of the couple has not been released and has been kept secret so far. This boat tail car of Rolls-Royce is 19 feet long. Also, the engine is 6.75-litre V-12 like other cars.

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