E3 2021: Avatar and Mario + Rabbids are unveiled by Ubisoft to kick off the event

E3 2021 began today with a new game based on James Cameron’s Avatar film and a new relationship with Nintendo. Due to the pandemic, Ubisoft was the first developer to show off their forthcoming titles at the annual gaming event. It also featured, among other things, the upcoming Rainbow Six: Extraction and a new Rocksmith guitar teacher. The unexpected reveal of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, on the other hand, piqued the interest of many spectators. The collaboration with the film franchise was first announced in 2017.

The game will be a “new, independent adventure,” according to Ubisoft, in which players will take on the role of the Na’vi, the blue-skinned extraterrestrial residents of the planet Pandora who were the protagonists of the 2009 film. It will not be out until 2022. After several years of delays, James Cameron’s sequel to Avatar, Avatar 2 is set to come out in December 2022.

Extraction by Ubisoft replaces Quarantine

Rainbow 6 Siege: Extraction, the new moniker for the next installment in the Tom Clancy-inspired franchise, opened off Ubisoft’s presentation. Due to the worldwide epidemic, the corporation changed its name from Rainbow Six: Quarantine to Rainbow Six: Containment.

game 1
The original “Quarantine” name was discarded due to the alien contamination.

Extraction is a squad-based co-operative shooter allows three players to join up against AI-controlled opponents, unlike its predecessor.

It revolves around gamers banding together to combat an alien species that has infected humans all across the planet. Rainbow Six Siege, the previous game in the series, will continue to get updates as the series’ competitive team combat game, according to Ubisoft. It also said that cross-play would be included for gamers on other platforms, such as PC and Google Stadia, as well as Xbox and PlayStation, but not between PC and console.

Mario by Ubisoft

It also teased a follow-up to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a 2017 surprise smash that combined Nintendo’s famed Super Mario characters with Ubisoft’s Rabbids in a turn-based tactical game.

Sparks of Hope, the following game in the series, is likewise a Nintendo Switch exclusive. As people journey from planet to planet across the stages, the journey leaves Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom and heads into space. It will be available next year.

On the Nintendo Switch, the Mario + Rabbids mash-up was a surprising triumph for Ubisoft and Nintendo.

In addition, a new Rocksmith game is out. The game allows users to connect a guitar to their computer or gaming console and learn to play by listening to authentic recordings.

The first game came out as groundbreaking. It required a connection to connect a guitar to the computer, which many players believed was ineffective.

Rocksmith+ features a phone app that allows acoustic guitarists – or electric guitar aficionados using an amplifier – to play the game using their phone’s microphone. There will be more features in Rocksmith+, such as a chord mode for novices and community support videos.

The game, however, will be a subscription service costing £12.99 per month. In accordance with its marketing as a premium instructional tool rather than a game, according to the business.


The announcement of a game based on the 2009 film Avatar came as a shock was closer to Ubisoft’s press presentation.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, takes place annually at the Los Angeles Convention Center and attracts thousands of industry professionals and game journalists.

Last year’s event did not take place due to the pandemic, this year’s event went digital-only for the first time.

The focus will now shift to Microsoft’s big presentation on Sunday. It will be the company’s first E3 event since purchasing Bethesda, the creators of Skyrim and Fallout, for $7.5 billion last year.

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