A recent study found that certain junk foods contain good amounts of antioxidants and can actually be good for your heart. Of course, while enjoying these foods is not recommended, enjoying some of them may be enough. 

Some examples of these kinds of junk food are,


This may be the best aspect of the movie, but popcorn also helps curb the cravings for late night snacks. A bowl of homemade popcorn is even better because it has low calories and high antioxidant content. 


For those who love sweets. Dark chocolate has been proven to be good for the heart, and when paired with whole wheat brownies and some walnuts, it is also rich in fiber.


There are many types of crackers that can be a wholesome night snack without the side effects of other unhealthy foods. 


Oil-free, mainly made from whole grains, slightly spiced, not only to please the taste buds but also good for the body.


Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is found in many meats, dairy, and cheese products, but a recent study focusing specifically on processed cheese found that CLA has anti-cancer properties and is also a powerful antioxidant. more CLA than natural cheeses like cheddar.


Resveratrol found in red wine can effectively reduce life-threatening inflammation. The antioxidants in red wine help prevent heart disease and cancer. For those who do not drink, grape juice or even red grapes are equally effective.


1. Keep fast food at around 500 calories or less. 

2. Choose low-fat, high-fiber, and high-protein foods, and replace refined grains with rolls or whole-wheat bread.

3. Avoid French fries, onion rings, pasta, macaroni, and cheese. A healthier meal is a salad with light side dishes, fresh fruit or baked potatoes. You can also pack your own side dishes from homes, such as dried fruits, nuts, and celery. Sticks, apple wedges and cottage cheese. 

4. For large portions of burgers, sandwiches and other foods, please choose the smallest. Avoid large or expensive alternatives. Consider ordering from the menu. Babies eat fewer portions and fewer calories, or eat half of their meals, and save the rest for later.

5. Choose grilled meat or fried meat instead of breaded or fried meat, and stick to burgers. 

6. Avoid sausage and bacon. Check carefully for anything that sounds healthy but may be unhealthy, such as some fast food salads, which usually contain high-calorie and high-fat condiments. Find nutrition information online.

7. Limit yourself to non-calorie beverages (not containing soda, juice, soda or smoothies). 

8. For pizza, please order thin crusts instead of ordinary deep plates or pans. Also choose plant-based ingredients instead of high-fat meats.

9. Use condiments such as mayonnaise and oil-based sauces (such as specialty sauces) to slow down the bread; ketchup and mustard are the best choices. Be careful with cheese, sour cream, rice and beans.

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