Apps to make scheduling easy

Given the times we are living in, venturing out is probably the farthest thing from anyone’s mind. Everyone is stuck in their home for more than a year thanks to the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, keeping track of your time and doing something productive becomes very important. That’s when a to-do list comes in handy.

Even though making a to-do list is not very complex, one can do so with a simple pen and paper, but with mobile phones becoming a critical part of our lives, there is no dearth of apps to help you scheduling a to-do list.

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Following is a list of such apps:

  • Microsoft To Do : Microsoft bought Wunderlist and the resultant is  Microsoft To Do. The main interface is very friendly. It allows you to sync Outlook tasks to your mobile. The option of custom background images for all the to-do lists is also available, making it one of the neatest scheduling app.
  • : The mobile version of is slick.  It is very easy and quick to add tasks, organize them into lists, and add due dates. also integrates nicely with Google and Outlook calendars, allowing you to see your appointments and your tasks in one place. The desktop version isn’t very efficient, it feels cluttered.
  • Tick Tick : It is a fast-growing to-do list app that offers a wide range of features on just about every platform. Tasks can be organised very efficiently. There’s even the ability to add sub-tasks to any task. 
  • nTask : nTask allows user to create tasks and subtasks and schedule them as single time or recurring tasks. One can also organize, prioritize tasks and monitor task status. The desktop version is not available right now.
  •  ToodleDo : This app allows you to organize to-do lists in the easiest manner. Under each task, you can add multiple sub-tasks, notes, and priority levels, along with other basic information.
  • Evernote : Evernote is an online notepad tool. It is equipped with many task management features, which allows organizing personal as well as professional task scheduling very easy. It also enables user to save webpages via the web clipping tool in their Evernote account. 
  • Habitica : This app offers something completely different to the users.  It converts the user’s daily to-do lists into role playing games and user’s can earn rewards at the end of each tasks. This fun take on task management forces one to complete the tasks on time to unlock new features.

These are some of the best apps available in the market that will simplify task management and the users will surely enjoy making to-do lists.

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