Why should you display your pronouns?

     No. Absolutely not. Adding your pronouns wouldn’t mess with the aesthetics of your profile. Get over it!

Here, let me break this down for you.

Sex ≠ Gender identity

Sex is what you were assigned at birth by your doc, male or female that is based on the genitals you were born with, and the count of your chromosomes.

Gender identity is your experience and sense of your gender, how you perceive and want to express yourself and feel the most comfortable with.

Adding your pronouns is a simple and easy way you can acknowledge someone’s identity and make them validated and respected. When you add your pronouns, you create a safer environment and offer comfort to those who use pronouns other than the dominant binary ones that have been subscribed to our minds since the beginning.

And for the last time, cis het people stop asking “what’s in it for me?”

When you add your pronouns it’s not just to clear up confusion. It allows those around you to consider the step and address you properly. We can take this simple step to offer comfort and security to people aligning to gender identities other than the dominant ones so they can share their pronouns without being the odd ones out.

Misgendering a person is transphobic, demeaning, and complete refusal to respect and acknowledge their gender identity.

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