Instagram’s new feature will let users add PRONOUNS to their profile

Introducing yourself with your pronouns is a significant and the easiest way to make society inclusive of people of all gender identity. Over the past few years, its importance has been realized and appreciated – so much so that Instagram now has a dedicated location where users can put up to four pronouns without taking up any profile space.

The feature allows users to display pronouns in a faded text next to their profile name. It is flexible and user convenient as you can change your pronouns any time and if not completely comfortable, you can opt-out of the option too. Depending on the user’s preference the feature allows them to choose to have their pronouns appear publicly on their profile or only to their followers, which will be the default setting if you’re under 18.

To set your pronoun, just go to your profile page, hit “Edit Profile,” tap “Pronouns” and you can pick what you prefer to be called by — up to four items.

The feature offers a range of diverse pronouns that users can choose to add to their profile and also lets you mix and match so it can be inclusive for people if they use both “she” and “they.”

There is an added option that will allow users to fill a form to add pronouns that are not available in the default list of options that Instagram provides.

For now, you can choose from:

·        co / cos

·        e / ey / em / eir

·        fae / faer

·        he / him / his

·        she / her / hers

·        mer / mers

·        ne / nir / nirs

·        nee / ner / ners

·        per / pers

·        they / them / theirs

·        thon / thons

·        ve / ver / vis

·        vi / vir

·        xe / xem / xyr

·        ze / zie / zir / hir

“We are giving people more tools to express themselves on Instagram. Sharing pronouns has been widely adopted by our community, and with this feature, we hope to normalize the adoption further,” an Instagram spokesperson told AFP.

Instagram’s pronoun feature is currently only available in a few English-speaking countries, but there are plans to roll it out extensively soon.

This was much needed and is an appreciable step as it endorses the significance of gender identity.

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