Reason behind Amazon's Forest fire

We all heard , about the dangerous tragedy,  that took place on Aug 2019,  about forest fire in Amazons, brazil. Due to this, fishing,  agriculture, and get worse in global climatic change.  

This gives the information about the forest fire occured, and who is responsible for this, and due to this,  whether the Chennai,  India,  will be affected or not ?

Let’s get into it : The fog that travelled by the forest fire,  reaches around 2800 kilometre in brazil, ( we all heard about induleka hair oil from amazon forests and so that’s the place is mentioned here) and made the city as night time,  but is usually afternoon time,  and this happened in the main city called SAO PAULO. 

Firstly,  let’s understand how forest fire arises is,  we all know that the AIR,  we breathe, is filled with oxygen. For burning, we need fuel,  heat and oxygen, and in the same way trees are the fuel and oxygen brings forest fire.  And this lead to volcanic eruption, thunderstorms, etc ..and also the other reason, during summer seasons, if it gets more heat than normal temperature, and that also may be the reason for forest fire.  According to reports,  it says that amazon forest fire records 83% increase in forest fire,  when compared with previous years and humans are also the main reason due to,  throwing a lighted match stick, campfires, etc ..and things like that, may arise forest fire.  The only benefit in forest fire, is BALANCE OF ECOLOGICAL SYSTEM  . Due to this amazon forest fire, it covers almost three football grounds in 10 minutes and gets spread to other parts of the forest .  

Now coming to the picture,  whether Chennai,  will be affected or not ? Only the amazon forest, gives about 400 million trees,  and they produce, huge amount of oxygen to make humans live.  To simply, say that it saves 90 billion tons of carbon and it affects earth atmosphere and there is a high chance, of getting global warming .If global warming occurs, Antarctic polar regions will be vanished and then Chennai will be also drained and also tsunami occurs by this tragedy.  

To know : Reasons how the forest fire gets into control is : drone cameras checking the affected areas,  fire engine rushes to the prolonged areas and helicopter spreads fire retardent to control the forest fire . 

You may all have a question what did the brazil government does at the time of forest fire ? A very lethargic answer given by the president of  Brazil, he says that, we have only 40 men and how this 40 men will be able to give their strength and control the forest fire.  And other governments across the countries have criticised,  that president might also be the reason for this forest fire says the reports . In simple terms, the president of Brazil,  BOLSNARO, is also popularly called the second Trump. His main motive is bring about the climatic change against the paris agreement signed by other countries like INDIA, USA,  FRANCE etc. and also to control green gouse gases . To know : Donald trump and Bolsnaro, both regretted the paris agreement and this might be the reason for forest fire and these countries prone to earthquakes,  tornado etc..

The motive for Bolsnaro is, bring about increasing economy in Brazil , by deforestation,  forest fire, climatic changes etc.. because 60% of Brazil,  is filled with forests,  and this is the reason, why the president  answered very calmly at the time of amazon forest fire . 
So, the wrong assumption, is that, whether the forest fire happened naturally or by the influence of political people of brazil ?, is We can’t say this is the only reason, that forest fire occured. They made use of the situation to bring their economic growth ,amongst other countries. So, finally it is noticed that, brazil alone should be held responsible for this! and as a human creation or government, simply for money and fame we exploit our environment . 

But this is not blaming any of the facts,  and clearly says that we must know the real criteria behind  this forest fire due to political influence, and greedy for ecomonic growth.

Written by Guest

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