Some Severe side effects showing after covishield, but its a good news.

vaccination has taken a speed in india, 3% people are totally vaccinated and for other’s the vaccination is going on.

People are facing some problems after covishield vaccine which is totally normal’and don’t last more than 2 days,but some people are facing severe problems like excessive sweating, fast breathing rate, shortness of breath 🫁 , head pain like migraine, if these symptoms hits you and last more than 2 days visit a doctor or call the nearest hospital helpline number .

the question is why we face these symptoms isn’t a side effect or anything else.

So,here we have to know that in covishield vaccine dead corona virus goes into the body and with the help of that our body make antibody against the virus, so if so much is happening in our body inside it is obvious a lot symtoms will show outside and the most common one is fever so its nothing to worry about.

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