Nasa to send marine creatures into space!

    NASA plans to send 5,000 water bears and 128 small squids to the space exploration center by space.

           NASA plans to send spacex 22nd satellite from NASA Space Exploration Centre to Space Research Center on June 3. Nasa rockets 5,000 water bears and 128 small squids to the space-based research station. It also sends some solar panels on the rocket. It has been reported that the water bear and small species of fish will be used by NASA for part of their research . 

  This research involves how tiny water bears can adapt to space environment , that is in low gravity conditions and high pressure .  The reason to add squid in the research is , scientists wanted to know how a squid ( which is about 3mm long ) is affected to microgravity conditions . Microbes are important in development of animal tissue .Microbes do a various number of functions in human body to like maintaining the immune system and in digestion process  . This research is mainly to know how those microbes will react in animals when there is less gravity .





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