The resignation of the co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei came as a shock to the tech world. The recent launch of his new venture, ‘Nothing’ with its first product ‘Ear1’ became the most anticipated gadget among customers. After resigning from the OnePlus company Carl Pei raised about seven million dollars for his new venture Nothing. Nothing was one of the most exciting things among consumer tech. Nothing came in the tech world announces as teenage engineering as the founding partner. Nothing venture starts from scratch, no notes, no blueprints. Nothing plans to release its first smart device in the first half of this year. Carl Pei announced his venture in the tech world as ‘here comes nothing’. The name Nothing struck very hard among the customers and tech world.

About the founder: Carl Pei is born on 11th September 1989 in China, he is a Swedish internet entrepreneur. Carl Pei is the co-founder of the electronics company known as OnePlus technology. In 2013 Carl Pei was the director of OnePlus global. After his resignation in September 2020 from the one plus foundation he start-up a new hardware venture known as ‘Nothing’.

The company believes that their first product Ear1 is a product of transparency, and refined functionality. It is no wonder their competitors such as Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc. would be concerned. We need to consider the possibility that Ear1 may pose a threat to their contemporaries. This can be owed to their features and specifications of the product. We cannot neglect the fact that Carl Pei acquired Essential, which is known for providing the most sophisticated and premium hardware. They offer greater quality and durability. It eliminates the possibilities of overcomplication.

We can expect the qualities of OnePlus such as good audio quality, noise cancellation, and water resistance at affordable prices, to be a part of Nothing as well. Carl’s experience working with OnePlus can be added asset to the company. He aims to do something differently from his peers and intends to not become another mid-range competitor. The hypes created in the promotion indicate a product like nothing else.

The simplicity in the overall branding points out that former OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei believes in the product speak for itself. The company seems to have taken an interest in the Indian market. The country can definitely for more employment opportunities. The goal of the venture Nothing is to remove barricades between people and technology to create a better perfect digital future. Nothing is planning to launch multiple categories of products, with an aim of modern up an ecosystem of tech. Nothing is centering now on music to manufacture headphones. The difference between Nothing and other competitors is they are using custom-built gears in their tech right from the start. The logo of Nothing is designed in a dot matrix, dot matrix defines as a perfect synthesis for raw machinery and practically, says Carl Pei. Nothing holds a record for fastest ever funding occurred in crowd-cube, Nothing is funded just in 54 seconds.

Nothing can be everything or it may not live up to the expectations of the world. Whatever is the outcome, it is safe to say gadget lovers all over the world are looking forward to experiencing the new features and perks of ‘Nothing’.

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