Children are very talented and grasp easily anything they hear. They are curious about things happening around them. Parents are solely responsible for the children’s actions. They play a great role in a child’s life. Is it true? Are parents responsible for their child’s actions even in the 21st century?

Even children below 15 years old have their own gadgets. They learn so many things from the internet and teach their parents sometimes. The Internet has its perks. When it helps a child to grow, it is to be appreciated. But is the internet influencing their minds, that it pushes them down a dark path?


One of the best example is the Nevada-tan case happened in Japan where a 11 year old girl murdered her classmate without realizing what was she doing. She even had a website with a content full of horror stories and violent videos.

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The teenage brain has always been a confounding thing for the parents. Parents always wanted to know what’s going on in their head. Even though they crossed their age, still it’s a mystery! 

This generation teenagers not only seeks for a financial success but also for the fame. They wanted to be the center of attraction. It’s all about the likes and comments. They want the appreciation for their works or their looks badly. Television has been around since the 50’s. But the major change is social media, if the parents are aware of it in their 30’s, the children are aware of it at their very young age.

Even television has a great impact on them now-a-days. Shows like Happy days, Laverne and Shirley has a concept of family, they show how the life is simple and beautiful. But shows like Hannah Montana, Team Kaylie and all the shows telecasted today has their main concept as fame. The online world that these teenagers are living right now may bring them fame they badly want  but not only this, at a very young age, they also have heart breaks and bullying.

It is scientifically proved that when these external things like mobile phone has such influence on their brain, the children’s ability to daydream about their own thoughts and feelings shuts off.

For example, experiencing the beautiful small moments like watching clouds pass by, and listening to the rivers sound. Their daily activities are so organized that these teenagers have no time to day dream or feel their own hearts. You may think why this daydreaming is so important for the child ?

Yes, it is so important because it helps them to connect with others, not only to know their own thoughts but it also helps them to understand what others feel and think i.e., empathy. What does that mean?

That means we’re creating a generation who cares less about other people. Some children realizes it as they grow up and lives a beautiful life, but some takes things too seriously and goes off track.




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