How Do Entrepreneurs Think To Be In Top 1%?

Is there Any Blue Print For Success?

While starting the journey of an entrepreneur many people think of finding any blueprint for the path of success.

The only blueprint to success in Business is that there is no blueprint. Now the question is then what to do next as a beginner without it?

You should first understand what is the exact meaning of following a blueprint. It means that somebody has definitely made it in past according to his/her own experience based on past events.

So how can you follow someone’s only past experience in present to get success in the future because that person might not be aware of opportunities that are existing today. Here it’s all related to mindset therefore it is necessary to understand the difference between them.

Blueprint- Formula and step by step process

Mindset- How to think, learning attitude, taking a calculated risk

Why You might get unsuccessful?

Risk Factor

Some people think of taking a high risk like investing all money in one place or relying on only one source of income, etc. while others might get fear even by thinking of taking any risk.

In both of these extremes, there is a lot of trouble i.e., taking high risks as well as taking no risk.

It is very important to have a mindset of not thinking in extremes and finding some middle path. In this case, one can go for the option of Calculated risk where risk is neither high nor low.

Also, it is important to understand where to take risk or not.


Many people think that they need some magical ideas to become successful due to which they pass all their time just thinking and analyzing.

According to research, it has been found that every year an average person gets 4 ideas that can make him/her millionaire.

Here the problem is not a lack of idea but its lack of executions.

One of the habits found in a successful entrepreneur that they focus give more on rejecting those ideas i.e., all ideas that can lead to customer dissatisfaction and degradation in quality are rejected by them.

In other words, they are sure about their NO and focus on executing fewer things with full focus.

Your mind must always be fresh as far as business is concerned.

How Does Entrepreneur Think And Be In Top 1%

Patience is more important than passion

The majority of people who start a business in a particular category having the wrong mindset of the following passion and thus fail severely. One should keep in mind that in business patience is more important than patience.

Common Sense Is Most Uncommon

Having Common Sense approach. Today common sense has become most uncommon. Many people try to think out of that box thus ended up making senseless decisions. So it is very important to be concise that it can be understood to even kid as well as an old man.

In silicon valley, it is said that if you can’t explain your business plan on one page then it is useless.

Understanding Power Of Brand

Even though you don’t have a huge amount of money to invest in marketing and establishing your business, You can still start it from scratch.

It has become necessary to create brand awareness among your potential clients and users to get an edge from the competition with the power of Social Media.


To stand out from the crowd, it is important to first form a mindset different from the crowd. It takes only 4-6 months to change your subconscious mind.

Along with these, you have to take baby steps daily toward your goal to achieve it. It is found that people who write their mission statement are 10x richer than others so write your goals, purpose and take actions from right now.

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