Gossips are also helpful sometimes, Read here.

Gossips is often considered socially taboo and dismissed for its negative tone , but a quirky new study explains that it should not be relegated to just “baseless trash talk”. Gossips creates social connections and helps in learning indirectly , says a new study

According to the paper , the team’s findings on the role of gossips are consistent with creating a “shared reality” in which friends and colleagues often find common bonds, establish alliances , exchange personal information , and discuss the behaviour of others to establish a consensus of socially acceptable behaviour 

“Gossips can be useful because it helps people learn through the experiences of others while enabling them to become closer to each other in the process,” says Eshin jolly who co authored the study with Luke Chang.

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  1. Gossips are having highly positivity rate because we can communicate with other people as sharing our experience,knowledge.It helps to create bond between other ones.

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