Selena Gomez has been showing off her new ink recently, and it turns out her go-to tattoo artist is none other than Bang Bang.

Bang Bang, a well-known tattoo artist based in New York City, shared a snap of the ink via Instagram, writing, “We [heart] @selenagomez.” The post was accompanied by a photo of Gomez’s latest tattoo, which appears to be a small heart on her wrist.

Gomez has been open about her love of tattoos, and she has been getting inked since she was a teenager. She has several tattoos, including a tiny music note on her wrist, a rose on her neck, and a crescent moon on her ankle.

Bang Bang has been Gomez’s go-to artist for her tattoos, and the two have collaborated on several pieces. Gomez has said that she trusts Bang Bang to create the perfect design for her, and that she loves the way he makes her feel when she gets inked.

Gomez’s latest tattoo is just the latest in a long line of tattoos she has gotten from Bang Bang. She has also gotten tattoos from other artists, including Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, who is the founder of Bang Bang Tattoo.

Gomez’s latest tattoo is a reminder of her love for tattoos and her appreciation for Bang Bang’s artistry. It’s clear that Gomez has a deep connection with Bang Bang, and that she trusts him to create beautiful pieces of art for her.

By Influencer Magazine UK