Genghis Kahn, the great Mongol conqueror of the 13th century, had a remarkable number of wives and concubines. Born in 1162, Genghis Kahn was a powerful leader who created an empire that stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea. He was also a prolific husband, with at least fourteen wives of high rank whose names we know. It is estimated that he had another 500 concubines who also bore him children.

Genghis Kahn’s first wife was Börte, a princess from the Merkit tribe. They had four sons, and it was these four sons who were chosen to succeed him as rulers of the Mongol Empire. This was probably a wise decision, as it ensured that the empire would remain unified.

Genghis Kahn’s other wives were mostly princesses from other tribes. He married princesses from the Uyghur, Tatab, Keraite, and Khitan tribes, among others. He also married the daughter of a Chinese emperor, and the daughter of a Persian ruler. His wives were often given titles such as “Queen of the East” and “Empress of the West”.

Genghis Kahn’s wives were not only wives in name. They were also important political allies and advisors. They helped him to expand his empire and to keep it unified. They also played a major role in the administration of the empire.

Genghis Kahn’s wives were not just political allies, however. They were also his lovers. He was known to be passionate and devoted to his wives, and he was said to have been deeply in love with his first wife, Börte.

Genghis Kahn had a remarkable number of wives and concubines, and it is estimated that he had over a thousand children. He was certainly one of the most prolific husbands in history. His wives and concubines played an important role in his life and in the success of his empire.

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