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    Covid: The lifting of the lockdown in England has been postponed until July 19th

    The last stage of relaxing lockdown restrictions in England will be postponed until July 19, according to the Prime Minister. It implies that most restrictions on social interaction will stay in place beyond June 21. Although the cap on wedding guest numbers will be lifted, venues will still be subject to other regulations. Boris said […] More

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    12 years and up to get their vaccine in Germany from 7 June

    Germany will begin giving coronavirus vaccines to youngsters over the age of 12 from June 7. According to Chancellor Angela Merkel. She did emphasize, however, that vaccination would not be mandatory. It would have no influence on whether or not children could attend a school or go on vacation. On Friday, the European Medicines Agency […] More

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    Zomato : Not just a Food Delivery Startup

    With the coming of the Covid-19 Pandemic food delivery startups have not only gained immense popularity but have become very helpful as well. Everyone cannot cook and even if they can everyone wants to eat something new and different from their favorite restaurants. Indian Food startups have emerged more drastically in the time of the […] More

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    The deadly second wave in India, what went so wrong

    The second wave was obvious. But in January, with a sense of national pride over low cases and vaccines we failed to foresee the actual picture. Journalists love to make headlines saying that Indians have lower mortality rates without mentioning that Indians are younger in average. Sensational headlines sell better than honest ones which often […] More

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    Sputnik V is 91.6% Effective

    Sputnik V is an adenoviral vector-based vaccine produced by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, a Russian medical research institute headquartered in Moscow, Russia.   The technology of Sputnik V has to do with a weakened form of the virus. It can be freeze-dried (lyophilized), and also comes in powder form which has […] More

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    Russia's Vaccine – Sputnik V

    People have been going on about vaccine efficacy and production in various countries. Sputnik V, a SARs-CoV-2 vaccine produced in Russia, talks about being exported to India since the latter country has been hard hit by the pandemic and lacks vaccines at the moment. What is Sputnik V? Sputnik V is an adenoviral vector-based vaccine […] More