Zomato : Not just a Food Delivery Startup

With the coming of the Covid-19 Pandemic food delivery startups have not only gained immense popularity but have become very helpful as well. Everyone cannot cook and even if they can everyone wants to eat something new and different from their favorite restaurants. Indian Food startups have emerged more drastically in the time of the pandemic because people are unable to move out but delivery executives can get the delicious food at home.

Zomato is one of the largest Food Delivery Startups in India. It was founded in the year 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. It was one of the first food delivery applications introduced in India and has gained huge popularity ever since then. The application not only lets you order food from your nearby restaurants but also helps you book tables at your favorite restaurants. Zomato has always been appreciated for the food initiatives towards the betterment of society.

In 2014 Zomato started with an initiative known as Feeding India. Their mission very simple to make India hunger-free. For the same, they have above twenty-six thousand volunteers across hundred plus cities in India. They want to serve food to the needy and make the country hunger-free. For this mission, they have three major segments of people who are helping this initiative come to life. Firstly, the volunteers who are devoting their time and are the backbone of the organization. Secondly, the corporate partners help them spread the campaign to a larger audience. Lastly, The Non-Profit Organizations have collaborated with the initiative and help them reach out to the ones in need of food.

Zomato has been very helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic as well. It started helping people by delivering necessities to their doorsteps. In the pandemic, they are taking all precautionary measures like wearing a mask, no-contact delivery, regular temperature checks of delivery executives, and many more to keep everyone in the society safe. While India needed Oxygen it also raised Rs.60 crores with the help of people all across the country. With the money raised for oxygen 4120, Oxygen Concentrators have been bought to the country and it is also setting 4 new Oxygen Generation Plants in the city of Gurugram, Haryana.

Not only these it has also worked on many other initiatives like Food for Paws, Covid-19 Relief Fund, Feed Every Child, Feed the Daily Wager, and many more.

The application made by the startup has various features that attract the public. The first one being the application is well designed and is attractive to the eyes. It has different windows for delivery and dine-in restaurant options. It lets you get food delivered, book a table, or also an option of order pick up from the restaurant. The application has all the basic details needed of the restaurants like opening timings, location, menu, images of food and ambiance, and many more. The application has helped many restaurants who earlier could not deliver due to some of the other drawbacks, are now able to deliver and gain good customer attraction.

The startup has been growing through the years and slowly spreading across different countries. It not only delivers food to your doorsteps but also delivers happiness to many. The startup has inspired many to work for good initiatives for society.

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