Dealing with stress and anxiety

The pandemic is affecting not only our physical health but also our mental health too. Whether we are quarantining alone or living in yet another lockdown,  anxiety and stress can take a toll on the mental health as well. If we are experiencing too much stress or can’t stop worrying about factors that are simply out of our control,  these below mentioned tips can help to stay calm amid these pandemic circumstances .

  • Avoid spending too much time on social media 

Social media has been a great tool for people in these times.  We are all trying to help each other. While it is good to stay updated with the latest news , we should remember  to draw the line where it is necessary.  Constant exposure to overwhelming news can trigger anxiety , especially when you’re already battling with own problems. Stay informed but take some time off when necessary

  • Maintaining physical health 

Some form of physical activities will keep our mind inactive a healthier space .however, this does not mean that exercising alone will solve all the worries . It means that exercising and eating nutrients filled food will keep the mind in a healthier space to cope with it.

  • Starting the activities to keep ourselves  

Whenever we’re feeling overwhelmed,  these activities becomes the need of the time. These activities includes and requires more presence of mind  . You can try painting , reading books , meditation,  cooking etc

  • Connect with friends and family online

Social distancing is the least that we can do right now but while doing so, staying connected emotionally connected with our loved ones is very important.  Talking through video calls will help in not get carried away with all the negative intrusive thoughts.  They make us mentally strong, so check in with loved ones is very important.

  • Seeking professional help 

If any one feel the need to seek professional help , do not hesitate.  There are many resources available online that are affordable and will help to deal with specific causes of stress.  These are challenging times  and taking help is not only advisable but also necessary .

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