Trending Music Platforms in 2021

Everyone loves Music and it acts differently for each one of us. For some of us, music is a reason we get peace to the soul, for some it acts like a stress buster, some of us love to dance to music, and for some us want music for enjoying at parties. Though it is guaranteed that everyone loves to hear music, their choice of music and understanding of it might be different. So, here we have some of the latest music applications you can use to hear out for the best of music. 

  • Spotify

Everyone wants great music, and it’s always better to have all genres of music in one application. Spotify is a highly rated and recommended app by its current customers. It is the world’s most used music app. It is a one-stop place for music in various languages. It has gained an immense amount of popularity with its feature of already constructed playlists according to different choices and tastes of people. You can also listen to the Radio on the same app. It is an easy-to-use app and also syncs your data across devices. The free version of the application is available only while you are connected to the internet while it also has paid plans in which you can download and listen. The paid version also has no ads and offers much better quality.

  • Tidal 

The application is free of cost. It started majorly for the hip-hop genre but today has music from all other music genres as well. The application is full of music and has over 70 million different songs to listen to. It has availability of both audio songs as well as videos. It also offers a free 30-day trial for its subscription-based model. The subscription-based model helps you enjoy your music add free and offline as well. This application is growing in high demand these days and the customers have given great ratings and reviews to this application.

  • YouTube Music

YouTube has always been popular for the latest music. There is another application also designed known as YouTube music which has only songs and not any other content. The application is free of cost and has over 40 million songs. With the new premium feature, you can listen to music add free. I also gives you access to a feature called background playback. The subscription for premium music is quite affordable. The best part about the subscriptions is that have various kinds of packages, different for everyone. Like there is a student pack or individual pack or even family pack, one can choose according to their convenience. All kinds of music in different languages and genres are available. 

  • Apple Music

For all iPhone user’s apple music is available at affordable rates and with different types of packs. Apple Music has all kinds of music genres and also different languages. The application also suggests music according to your preferences by looking at the kind of music you search and listen to. It also makes a playlist of all the suggested music. Apple Music has all the latest music available and good quality sound. The best part is if one has to switch from iPhone to Android, the Apple Music application is now available on the Android play store as well. 

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