Elon Musk Urges FBI Probe Into Epstein Connections of Bill Gates and Reid Hoffman

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has called for an FBI investigation into the connections between Jeffrey Epstein and prominent figures like Bill Gates and Reid Hoffman. Musk has been outspoken about what he perceives as a cover-up regarding the undisclosed list of celebrities linked to Epstein.

“When is there not one – just one – even attempted prosecution of that Epstein (Bill Gates & Reid Hoffman come to mind) client list. Either FBI does their duty or the case for an entire departmental reset or abolishment is strong,” Musk wrote on X.

Office of U.S. House Speaker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Gates’ Denial of Close Ties With Epstein

In 2019, Bill Gates addressed his “association” with Epstein, telling The Wall Street Journal, “I didn’t have any business relationship or friendship with him.” Despite this, Musk has continued to question the extent of Gates’ interactions with Epstein.

Epstein’s Wide-Ranging Connections

Recently released transcripts have shed more light on Epstein’s activities and connections. Florida prosecutors knew about Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual assaults on teenage girls two years before they agreed to a plea deal. The investigations revealed Epstein’s close associations with several high-profile individuals, including former President Bill Clinton, Britain’s Prince Andrew, and former President Donald Trump. All of these individuals have denied any criminal or improper actions and have not been charged.

Details From the Transcripts

The transcripts indicated that a grand jury heard testimony about Epstein raping teenage girls at his Palm Beach mansion. The teenagers testified that they were often given cash or rented cars if they brought more girls to Epstein.

The call for an FBI probe by Musk aims to bring transparency and accountability to the unresolved issues surrounding Epstein’s connections and client list.


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