Rihanna Wears ‘I’m Retired’ T-Shirt While Out in NYC with A$AP Rocky

Image: Instagram

Rihanna has once again sparked rumors of her retirement from music, leaving fans convinced they might never hear new music from her. On Thursday, the “Diamonds” singer was seen in New York City with her partner, A$AP Rocky, sporting a graphic tee that declared, “I’m retired. This is as dressed up as I get.”

Rihanna paired the cheeky T-shirt from Peacock Papers with an ankle-length navy skirt, a neon-green Bottega Veneta purse, vintage Dior sunglasses, and red sneakers. This bold fashion statement has stirred reactions on social media, with many fans expressing their frustration and disbelief.

One user on X, formerly Twitter, tweeted, “Rihanna literally said f–k yall, I’m retired 😭 never getting an album from a retired queen.” Another eager fan wrote, “Not Rihanna being spotted wearing an ‘i’m retired’ shirt.. GIRL IF YOU DON’T GET IN THE BOOTH!!”

The sighting comes amid ongoing speculation that Rihanna might be stepping back from her music career. Fans have been eagerly awaiting her ninth studio album since the release of “Anti” in 2016. Despite the long wait, Rihanna has focused on other ventures, including her successful beauty and fashion lines. Recently, she also announced plans to launch her own hairline.

Additionally, rumors of Rihanna’s pregnancy have been circulating after her recent appearances, where she seemed to be covering her stomach. While there is no official confirmation about her pregnancy, fans are speculating that she might be preparing for her third child with A$AP Rocky.

As Rihanna continues to tease and troll her fans with statements and fashion choices, the anticipation for new music remains high.

However, with her recent focus on business ventures and potential personal milestones, it seems fans might have to wait a bit longer for any new tracks from the pop icon.

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