Meghan Markle Shares a Taste of American Riviera Orchard!

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It’s exciting news for fans of Meghan Markle! The Duchess of Sussex has just unveiled the very first product from her brand new lifestyle venture, American Riviera Orchard. We don’t yet know everything that American Riviera Orchard will offer, but a recent trademark filing hints at some pretty cool possibilities!

The buzz all started back in March when Meghan launched American Riviera Orchard with a dedicated website and Instagram page. Now, almost a month later, we finally get to see the first product: a jar of delicious strawberry jam!

Apparently, Meghan herself hand-picked and numbered each jar, making it an extra special gift for the lucky recipients. Designer Tracy Robbins shared a peek at her jam on Instagram, nestled in a basket with some fresh lemons. It even had a personal touch – Tracy’s jar was labelled “17 of 50”! She couldn’t resist thanking Meghan publicly for such a thoughtful gift.

Delfina Blaquier, a socialite and friend of Meghan’s from Argentina, was another lucky recipient. She was clearly thrilled with the strawberry jam, posting that it brings her joy! She even tagged the American Riviera Orchard Instagram account, letting everyone know how much she loved it.

While the jam has everyone excited, the news gets even sweeter (pun intended!). The trademark application Meghan filed last month gives us a glimpse of what might be coming next from American Riviera Orchard. It mentions all sorts of yummy things like jams, marmalades, spreads, sauces, and even hot drinks like tea and coffee. But that’s not all! The application also suggests a whole range of other products, from bath gels and perfumes to pet supplies and lifestyle essentials like stationery, books, tableware, linens, and even yoga mats!

With Meghan’s brand just getting started, it’s clear there’s a lot more to come. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what other exciting products she unveils for American Riviera Orchard!

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