Meghan Markle’s Former Aide Speaks Out on Bullying Allegations

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Meghan Markle’s Former Aide Speaks Out on Bullying Allegations

Samantha Cohen, a former aide of Meghan Markle, has stepped forward to confirm her participation in Buckingham Palace’s investigation into allegations of bullying against the Duchess. Cohen, among ten royal staffers interviewed, sheds light on the tumultuous environment within the royal household during her tenure.

“I was only supposed to stay for six months but stayed for 18—we couldn’t find a replacement for me and when we did we took them on tour to Africa with Harry and Meghan to show them the ropes but they left (quit) as well while in Africa,” Cohen said.

The scrutiny surrounding Meghan’s behavior towards staff intensified with the emergence of an internal email from Jason Knauf, the communications secretary of Kensington Palace at the time. Knauf expressed concerns about Meghan’s treatment of palace staff, citing instances of alleged bullying and intimidation. The leaked email highlighted a pattern of behavior that raised alarm within the royal household.

“I am very concerned that the duchess was able to bully two PAs out of the household in the past year. The treatment of X [name removed] was totally unacceptable,” Knauf told Case.

“The Duchess seems intent on always having someone in her sights,” Knauf added. “She is bullying Y [name removed] and seeking to undermine her confidence. We have had report after report from people who have witnessed unacceptable behavior towards Y [name removed].”

Cohen’s departure coincided with the emergence of bullying allegations against Meghan, garnering media attention and fueling speculation about the Duchess’s leadership style. The narrative of a demanding and difficult demeanor surrounding Meghan prompted headlines and public scrutiny, casting a shadow over her relationship with palace staff.

The revelations underscore a broader narrative surrounding Meghan’s time within the royal fold, marked by both admiration and controversy. While Meghan has vehemently denied the allegations of bullying, the ongoing scrutiny highlights the challenges faced within the royal household and the complexities of navigating palace politics.

As Samantha Cohen’s account adds depth to the unfolding narrative, the spotlight remains on Buckingham Palace’s investigation and the implications for Meghan’s reputation within royal circles. Amidst the turmoil, questions persist about the Duchess’s management style and the impact on her standing within the royal family.

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