9 Instagram Stores To Get Useful Insights From

Instagram now is more than just a social media platform. Lots of brands use the app not only to tell a global audience about their products but also to sell them right away. What functions and special tricks do the shops use for better engagement? And what is the reason for using a tool like the Instagram Video Downloader? Let’s dive in!

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Best Methods to Increase Sales on Instagram Store

Instagram provides business accounts with several features for e-commerce in-app. Also, there are other actions that can become a good asset for promotion. We will look at this using the example of already existing and well-functioning stores.

  • Tagging the products. When people view posts with items, they can go straight to the catalog and make a purchase by clicking on the tag. This is the advisable function for brands. Popular Home décor shop H&M Home (@hmhome) makes the most of this feature.
  • Product catalogs. For the convenience of the customer, it is worth dividing goods into categories. Especially, if you have a big product line, like Nike (@nike).
  • Product detail page. Writing all the information about the item increases the chances of being purchased, as it removes a great share of buyers’ questions and doubts. Check how the British clothing and accessories brand Burberry (@burberry) handles the process.
  • Live stream shopping. In this format, you already have an interested audience. It’s great to present new stuff and immediately tag it, so subscribers are able to acquire it. This technique works for many beauty brands, such as Kyliecosmetics (@kyliecosmetics).
  • Aesthetics and style. An eye-pleasing design is a big advantage that encourages users to stay on a page and explore it. Instagram profile of organic bath and body products Woodlot (@woodlot) is an example of an aesthetic account.
  • Creative Instagram content. Sometimes all you need is the right photo or catchy video with a product to make your followers want to purchase it. US water company Liquid Death (@liquiddeath) has found its way to grow its Instagram account to 2.6 million subscribers.
  • Review. Showing your products in action and focusing on their best qualities is a smart move. This way, you will build customer confidence in your merchandise and brand. Just like Lowe’s Home Improvement (@loweshomeimprovement) does in their stories.
  • User-generated content. Another example of how to earn the trust of potential clients is to show them satisfied existing ones. Fitness franchise network Planet fitness (@planetfitness) shows the achievements of its members as a form to attract new audiences.
  • Feedback. Answering to the comments leads to a high level of subscriber loyalty and advances connections between the brand and its target audience. World-famous shoe company Vans (@vans) showcases a high level of engagement.

What is the Online Instagram Video Downloader, and What are its Benefits?

The purpose of the tool is the ability to save and watch IG videos offline in the original high quality, without watermarks and any other interference. Users face the moments when they find a great clip and come to the conclusion that they need to save it. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing it among thousands of new videos loaded on a daily basis.

The instrument can be used flexibly. Small brands while starting out need to catch up with big names that already have an audience. Building up a loyal community around isn’t easy, so the reason in this case is learning. Save several Instagram videos from successful accounts and study them in a comfortable environment. Based on all those materials, you can understand what your content needs to reach subscribers and turn them into your customers. Or, come up with your own unique idea on how to present your brand in this network.

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Toolzu service, brings you the easy use, fast, and free video downloading tool. Try it out, get the benefits, and be prepared for the competition.


Selling products through Instagram is becoming increasingly common. Using all the IG features and practices plays a crucial role in growing organically and pitching products.  So, the Insta Video Saver instrument can be a part of your progress.

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