NewJeans Overtakes BLACKPINK for Most Streamed Girl Group Song in US Spotify History

NewJeans’ “Ditto” has set a new record for the most-streamed girl group song in US Spotify history, overtaking BLACKPINK’s many hits like “Ice Cream,” “Pink Venom,” and “How You Like That.” The feat is especially impressive considering it was achieved in a relatively short amount of time. The group now holds the sixth spot for the most-streamed songs by a K-pop group on Spotify, just behind BTS’s “Dynamite,” “Butter,” “My Universe,” and Jungkook’s “Left and Right.”

NewJeans’ recent achievement comes as their music continues to garner attention not only in Korea but also in the US, the world’s largest music market. According to Spotify, NewJeans’ single album, which features “OMG” and “Ditto,” has been the most listened to in the US. As of February 10, “OMG” had been played 111.28 million times on Spotify, with 22.71 million streams in the US alone. Meanwhile, “Ditto” was played 164.89 million times, with over 28.72 million streams in the US.

NewJeans has been steadily climbing the charts since the release of their album. “OMG” debuted at number 95 on the Spotify Global “Weekly Top Song” chart and has since moved up the rankings to number 16. “Ditto” also made a strong entry at 81st and has remained in the top 11 for eight consecutive weeks. NewJeans has also dominated the top spots on domestic music charts, with “Ditto,” “OMG,” and “Hype Boy” taking the first three places in the global K-pop category in January 2023. The group’s success is a testament to their growing popularity and the increasing global appeal of K-pop music.

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