Gama Pehalwan: The Unbeatable Wrestling Legend

The Great Gama

Known as the “The Great Gama,” Ghulam Muhammad Baksh Butt was a legendary wrestler from India who was known for his incredible strength and skill in the wrestling ring. Born in 1878 in the Punjab region, Gama began wrestling at a young age, and by the time he was in his late teens, he had already gained a reputation as a formidable opponent.

Gama quickly rose to fame, dominating his opponents with his incredible strength and technique. He won over 5000 bouts in his career, with only a handful of losses. He was unbeaten for 50 years and was widely regarded as the greatest wrestler of his time.

Gama’s training regime was legendary, involving lifting heavy stones, carrying heavy loads and wrestling with bulls. He would also go on long runs and swim in icy rivers to build his endurance and stamina. His discipline and dedication to his craft were unparalleled, making him a role model for many aspiring wrestlers.

In 1910, Gama travelled to England to take on the best wrestlers in the world. He was 32 years old at the time and had already established himself as the most dominant wrestler in India. He defeated all of his opponents in England, including the reigning European champion Stanislaus Zbyszko.

Gama’s victory over Zbyszko cemented his place as the undisputed world wrestling champion, and he continued to dominate the sport for the next several years. He retired from wrestling in 1952 at the age of 74, but his legacy lives on as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Today, Gama Pehalwan remains an icon in the world of wrestling, inspiring generations of wrestlers with his incredible strength, discipline, and skill. His legacy is celebrated in India and around the world, and he continues to be an inspiration for all those who seek to achieve greatness in any field.

Written by Alex McCurthy

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