Vedang Shahane: Ruling the Digital Marketing to Founding Impester Media


Indian entrepreneurship found a boost in its field with the entrance of Vedang Shahane. Known for his impeccable skills in Digital Marketing and Social Media marketing. He started up his firm called “Impester Media”, a marketing company that provides digital marketing services to different businesses.

Founded in 2017, Impester Media has already crossed several milestones, completing 8000+ marketing campaigns with about 2600% growth and generated a huge number of leads through Social Media for their clients. His company offers a variety of subsidiaries including Impester Media’s Digital Marketing, Indian Daily, and Influencer Magazine.

Vedang is a social media expert and is well experienced with unique tricks up his sleeve. He can easily help in increasing visibility on social media as well as establishing a strong base. An SEO expert, he knows exactly what and how to use his skills in enhancing the growth of a business. He has helped other entrepreneurs and businesses, and start-ups to set up a strong marketing strategy to ensure the growth of their respective businesses and ensure a good digital presence.

Vedang is known for his excellent track record with his ability to attract the right kind of audience and increasing the online presence and the reach of the product, by implementing clever and insightful marketing strategies and campaigns. When a brand needs a presence, Vedang and his firm are the experts in providing them just that. He is skillful at developing and implementing groundbreaking strategies. He has been successful in extending his business by the addition of extremely talented team members and the addition of more services to his inventory.

His services have been in use by a large number of Organizations in India as well as the USA. With around 100+ SEO Campaigns, 5000+ Social Media marketing campaigns, Vedang and his Impester Media have been able to show a 100% success rate in terms of growth, generating leads giving ROI, and his social media expertise. He aims to provide the best services to his clients and provide a thriving experience and business for them to continue growing. Providing a lot of inputs and tips on increasing the organic reach on his Social Media Handles, he looks for the upliftment of every firm and to be just the best.

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