Taliban crisis pushes up dry fruit prices; festive surge may worsen the situation – India

Dry organic product costs have gone up since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. More than 85% of the whole stock of dry organic product in India comes from Afghanistan.

The Taliban has fixed Afghanistan’s lines, particularly the ones prompting adjoining Pakistan, as it merged its power over the country.

The Taliban has ended imports and fares with India, said Dr Ajay Sahai, Director General (DG) of Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO).

“We are watching out for the improvements in Afghanistan. Imports from that point get through the travel course of Pakistan. Right now, Taliban has halted the development of load to Pakistan, so imports have basically stopped,”

With just the Hamid Karzai International Airport being functional in the nation, and that too for departure endeavors, land courses are the lone way for products to arrive at India from Afghanistan. The imports need to come through travel courses situated in Pakistan yet the gathering had shut down every single active truck and routes.

India imports dried raisins, pecans, almonds, figs, pine nuts, pistachios, dried apricots, cherries, watermelons, and therapeutic spices from Afghanistan in tremendous quantities.

India’s import bill for these things alone remained at Rs 2,389.86 crore in the monetary year 2020-2021. The absolute import use of India with Afghanistan remained at Rs 3,753.47 crore.

As the happy season draws near, request will perhaps exceed supply, prompting multi-overlap expansion in prices.

Reports show that costs of almonds, pecans, and apricots from Afghanistan have dramatically multiplied over the most recent couple of days. The costs have been consistently expanding since the Taliban dispatched their hostile in May. Brokers have announced a 20 percent expansion in costs since.

Indo Foreign Chamber of Commerce President B.K. Bajaj, notwithstanding, said such increments were normal as dry natural products were extravagance things. Numerous brokers do anticipate that the increase in prices should be transient, however the disturbance can mean greater costs for a more extended time.

On whether costs could go up by 10-20 percent in the coming days, Sahai told ANI, “I will say that (the emergency) may not straightforwardly sway the costs, however the very truth that one of the wellsprings of import does not exist anymore, theory of expansion in costs can’t be administered out.”

Meanwhile, exchange is now continuing, with Reuters announcing that trucks are as of now crossing the border.

“Today, many trucks stacked with new organic product (from Afghanistan), including renowned ‘Sunder Khani’ grapes, were cleared at Customs House Chaman,” a senior custom official told Reuters.

Written by Alex McCurthy

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