Sea routes are being misused: PM Modi at UNSC

Prime Minister Narendra Modi directed the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) high-level Open Debate through video conferencing on Monday. The plan of the conversation was: Enhancing Maritime Security – A Case for International Cooperation. 

“The sea is our common legacy. Our sea routes are the help of international exchange,” PM Modi said. He proceeded to add that the sea is essential to the fate of our planet. 

The Prime Minister proceeded to add that the sea is confronting difficulties on numerous fronts. “Sea routes are being misused for terrorism and piracy,” PM Modi said. 

He said that there are maritime questions between numerous nations and environmental change, as well, is connected to the Maritime area. 

Requiring a system to increment maritime cooperation, the Prime Minister set out a five-point plan during his location. 

“Such a system can’t be made by any nation alone. It requires joint endeavors by us all. It was with this idea that we chose to carry this vital subject to the UN Security Council,” PM Modi said. 

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PM Modi’s 5-point plan for enhancing maritime cooperation 

Evacuation of boundaries to authentic maritime exchange: “Worldwide success relies upon the dynamic progression of maritime exchange. Any block in maritime exchange can compromise the worldwide economy,” PM Modi said. He added that maritime exchange has consistently been important for the civilizational ethos of India. He named this guideline as ‘SAGAR’ Security and Growth for All in the Region. 

Resolution of maritime disputes peacefully following international law: Citing the case of the goal of India’s Maritime question with Bangladesh, PM Modi said it is important for nothing maritime exchange to completely regard the privileges of seafarers of different nations. 

Fight threats from natural disasters, non-state actors: PM Modi said the Indian Navy has been watching to counter piracy in the Indian Ocean since 2008. “We are enhancing the normal maritime area familiarity with the locale through our White Shipping Information Fusion Center. We have offered help for hydrographic reviewing and preparing of maritime security faculty to a few nations,” he added. 

Advancing capable maritime network: PM Modi said it is surely known that the making of the framework is important to support maritime exchange. He then, at that point supported suitable worldwide standards and standards to guarantee that such framework projects are completed according to the monetary maintainability and retention limit of the host nations. 

Protection of marine resources: “Our seas straightforwardly sway our environment. Thus, we must keep our maritime climate liberated from contaminations like plastic waste and oil slicks. We additionally need to make joint strides against over-fishing and marine poaching,” PM Modi said. He likewise underlined the requirement for expanded shared cooperation in Ocean Science research. 

According to a press statement from the PMO India, PM Narendra Modi became the first Indian prime minister to direct a UN Security Council Open Debate on Monday. The vital conversation on maritime security was gone to by the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the President of Russia, the President of Kenya, and the Prime Minister of Vietnam, among others.

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