Time Changes People: People Change with Time

Life is a short journey, filled with lots of experiences. Talking of experiences, you get most of them by coming across people. People change with time and situations that come into their lives. Some change for the good and some for the bad. One makes choices based on how they want to take their life forward. It is something very common and something which is not wrong. It is everyone’s wish how to live their life. Everyone has a different point of view on how to lead their life.

Sometimes they don’t realize that their changed behavior or the way of looking at life from a new perspective, may hurt a lot many people. Most changes that one makes in life, not only affect them but also affect many people around. If one plans to get away from a group of people or from an individual they were close to due to silly reasons, the other won’t try long enough to stick by you. At the most, the other person will just try for a while to get you back in their life. There will be a point when everything will change and the other person will stop wanting you back. The one major reason is that every individual has a life of his or her own.

It’s not always easy to keep people attached to you the same way you are to them. It becomes necessary to figure out who around you is truthfully there for you. By being there, it does not mean only in happy times rather in sad or bad times as well. It is always the real ones are those who stick by you in bad times. Everyone wants to be happy but if they are with you in your worse, they want you not your happiness. Changes are needed for the good, but, make sure those changes count in for the betterment. Don’t pull yourself back because of others changing beside you.

Looking at life from a fresh perspective is what brings you hope. Life is filled with challenges and there is a new challenge one needs to get through every day.  Having some real people, who care for you and stand by you through your rough times, really makes those times easy to pass by. One should always remember to not change according to people, and be who they are. Being yourself is what makes you unique. Don’t change yourself but also don’t let your good behavior be overlooked upon.

Know yourself the best and don’t let people changing around you take advantage of your good being. Always, change your surroundings for the better and not for the bitter. A small poem on the changing of friends and close ones around you:

It’s wonderful to see,

How friends become a busy bee.

All the wonderful moments that we have shared,

And all the times when we have cared.

To all the places that we went,

And all the time that we spent.

When others walked away,

There are only a few who acted like a ray.

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