Eating Disorders

Society these days promotes a slim body’s ideals, and models are usually taken as role models of success. Conversely, they’ll be lean to appear excellent on TV and in magazines. to appear right, they follow abnormal patterns of eating. Why does one need to look a certain way to be in any field? One should be worried about what weight they are if it is not causing them health issues. Weight does not matter; what matters is you live a healthy eating lifestyle.

Eating disorders are mental sicknesses that cause severe disturbances in an exceedingly person’s everyday diet. It will manifest as intake of minimal amounts of food or severely overeating. The condition could begin as simply eating insufficient or too much, however, the obsession with eating and food overtakes over a person’s life, resulting in severe changes. Additionally, abnormal eating patterns are distress and concern regarding weight or shape. These disorders often exist with alternative mental illnesses resembling depression, substance abuse, or anxiety disorders.

Definition: – The term “eating disorders” represents a group of complex mental health conditions that can seriously impair health and social functioning. (Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, CEDS)

Because in their defining symptoms’ bodily nature, consuming issues can purpose emotional misery and widespread clinical complications. They additionally have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.

There are various types of eating disorders one may come across, some very commonly found are listed down below.

Types of eating disorders

  • Anorexia Nervosa – A perfect ideal body is considered when you are thin. When one is addicted to turning thin, they reach extreme measures, resulting in severe weight loss this is when has Anorexia Nervosa.
  • Bulimia Nervosa – An disorder within which one starts to consume massive amounts of food quickly so is followed by purging, mistreatment laxatives, or over-exercising to free themselves of the food they are.
  • Binge Eating Disorder – One of the most commonly seen disorders these days is Binge Eating disorder. While binge-watching has become a trend and one keeps on watching without considering sleep cycle or other surroundings. Binge eating disorder has a similar effect one keeps on eating a lot of food but does not vomit.
  • Pica – Some people deal with eating various kinds of unhealthy food or eating too little food. In, Pica one deals with a compulsive craving for eating, chewing, or licking non-food items or food containing no nutrients.

As an individual who knows about eating disorders, he or she should spread awareness about them. One needs to understand that eating disorders are not only concerned with physical health but disturbs one’s mental health as well. Everyone should indulge in a healthy and well-mannered lifestyle of eating. Keeping yourself and people around you aware of eating disorders will break many myths about how one should look in society.

Eating disorders are not only about how one is affected physically by having different body shapes. It causes severe mental breakdowns as well. Society should be aware of eating disorders, to not make it difficult for the ones going through it. As a growing individual’s one should help people around and make them start a healthy lifestyle.


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