Paxton Smith, Valedictorian at Lake High School in Texas has gone viral for going off script during her graduation ceremony. She switched out her approved speech to talk about abortion rights. 

She talked about a new state law called the ” Heartbeat bill” that bans abortion as early as six weeks. She was about to talk about Tv, media, and content but then switched her topic as she mentions that how can she talk about peace when there’s a war on women’s body and started talking about ” The anti-abortion law ” in the states. 

It was signed by Governor Greg Abbot on May 19, 2021, stating in September 2021 where there will be a ban on abortions after the 6 weeks of pregnancy regardless of the reason. So, it basically bans abortion doesn’t matter if she is raped or her contraceptives failed. 

Gov. Abbot signs heartbeat bill.

Her speech went viral and is attracting the attention of people around the world. She says that this law will strip away the future and dreams of every woman and it’s like using the women’s body anatomy against them.

Smith only told her parents about what she had planned said she was shocked by the positive reaction from the room and beyond. And her parents say they couldn’t be prouder.

This heartbeat bill bans abortion after detecting the heartbeat, i.e – 6 weeks where a girl is not aware that she is pregnant. The governor said that millions of children lose their right to life because of abortion in the billing ceremony.  This controversial law also permits almost anyone to sue any person or provider who may have helped someone get an abortion after that limit.

Hillary Clinton, former US secretary of states, tweeted, ” This took guts, thank you for not staying silent”.

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People are protesting against this bill in Texas. They believe that this law will have the worst impact on women and their future. The crowd had men and women, mothers and the younger generations. 

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