• The film must have two women and they should be named.
  • The female character should talk to each other.
  • The conversations must be about anything besides men.
  • Let’s see how Bollywood did in 2020!




We all do know that this film hits a smash to the patriarchal dominance not only in society but also in the Bollywood film industry. This film throws light upon the life of an acid attack victim. This film that mainly underscored brutal crimes against women hits differently as it didn’t pity the main lead. Bollywood always have an “old fashioned” way of making the women who are getting struggled, as “poor victims”.But, this one varies from those and made a sense that helpless ones can also be the powerful ones. While doing all these, the film presented many conversations between female characters and truly showed how women can support each other. So, this one gets a pass.



This hyper-masculine flick which known as an epic historical blockbuster of 2020 was exactly overfilled with unrealistic stunts and action sequences. While the warriors were busy with their conflicts, all that the women did was simply sitting in a comfort zone at home. Kajol, tanhaji’s wife was not even given a role to stand beside the leading male role, Tanhaji. The six or seven scenes of that “poor wife “ was only for waiting for his husband, spending time with her husband. The second one was eye candy for the testosterone hyped male one and used her only  as a prop for lust and craves. She wasn’t even free from male ascendancy as she was being imprisoned under the gent. If all these female ones are being like this, what it would be for the maternal role? Customarily, she will be devoting her life to her son. So, nothing to expect from there. What that happens in this film is that, who could have been the powerful characters were left being helpless. So, you can imagine what will this film score?Obviously, a great FAIL!

3-Baaghi 3


The film portrays the story of a man who aggressively combats for the protection of his brother from terrorists. The heroic gent was able to do anything like leap and brawl, thrash and crawl, buffet and splatter blood etc but one trifle thing was not even possible for the female roles – to talk about something other than men. The action sequences were only co

fined to the men. The female ones were shown on the screen only associated with their men and their identities were too correlated with their gentlemen. Ruchi was only there as the wife of Vikram and Siya was even disclosed as the girl who is eyed by Ranveer. The conversations between them were only either about finding the husband or describing the husband or worrying about the husband. Anything else?About their attitude or aim or vision?Nothing! So, with a close call, this one fetches a big FAIL!

Final Take


All in all, while we were fighting off a deadly pandemic in 2020, Bollywood punched its deadly man-demic. Despite the masses flocking to theatres and blockbusters making it big, the majority of films released have something common-men graduated with society’s definition of masculinity and women reduced to sexist ideologies. Statistics reveal that the screen time for female was a mere 31.5 % against 68.5% by male actors. Should women reside always behind the veil? What makes them secondary? Think about it and let’s make a change.








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