“People” A Channel you Experience until you Die

People play an important part in the due time of one’s life. Every person that enters your life is for a reason which might be Good or Bad. The reason is not defined in the starting but gets developed over time. Not everyone in your life you come across is going to be a replica of who you are to them or even share the same loyalty and respect. Neither will they Value, the way you do. One has to be careful while choosing the people who they want to be with and also do what their heart allows. Time plays a very important factor in experiencing different kinds of people. Don’t judge anybody very immediately, take time to understand the person.

Having high hopes for yourself is better than having high hopes from people because many times people just enter life and create more differences which can be out of jealousy or something very selfish, you need to be careful with the group of people you choose to be with. Time reveals who is Right or Wrong but, yes every person is not the same, there will always be people who are exceptions(special) in this big world.

Be Cautious and surround yourself with good. Every phase of life you pass will give you a new set of people that you come across don’t trust everyone but also don’t just judge them wrong. Importantly be yourself and not change seeing others’ behavior.

“Every person that comes in your life comes for a reason, he or she might come as a blessing or a disguise” So, everyone who comes in your life teaches you something beneficial for these worldly surroundings. Some build your trust and break it but, that does not mean you change your behavior of trusting others around. Rather one should be selective in trusting. Analyzing people around you, but do not overanalyze. Some will come to stay in your life as a blessing, they might be your family members or friends or colleagues or even a stranger. Being a blessing does not mean they will stay with you for long, rather it can be in any form of help they might do to you and leave a mark in your heart.

Hence, always do things which make you happy and don’t let your life be affected because of some Negative people. Be who you are and good deeds always get you sweet fruits. Similarly, being a good human being will bring valuable people. As everyone who comes across you is not the same. You are born to experience, discover, explore and have a great vision to be a great human being first. Definition of who is good or who is bad is not the same for all, one should know how to segregate according to their choices. Good people are yet alive in this big world just look around and find your kind of good.

In the end, we’re all just walking each other home some way or the other.

Written by Guest

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