Meet Grace, the healthcare robot for helping Covid patients

The Hong Kong team behind the creation of the celebrity humanoid robot Sophia is laughing a new human robot, Grace, targeted to the health industry and which is mainly designed to interact and help the elderly patients who are victims to Covid 19.

Grace, dressed in a blue nurse’s uniform has got beautiful Asian features, collar length brown hair styled formally and a small thermal camera in her chest that helps to take your temperature and thoroughly measure your responsiveness. She speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese and uses artificial intelligence to fully diagnose the patient.

Grace resembles a healthcare professional and has the capacity for social interaction which aims at relieving the help-line hospital staff from excess burden especially during the pandemic.

A human-like figure facilitates trust, engagement and natural bonding because all humans are wired to human face-to-face interactions. The deployment of such helpful humanoid robots will definitely have a positive impact in the society.


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