Beijing warns NATO not to exaggerate China’s danger

"systemic threats" from Beijing, China accused Nato of slandering its peaceful growth.
Nato has cautioned about China’s military might but has stated that it does not seek a new Cold War with the country.

After Nato officials warned of “systemic threats” from Beijing, China accused Nato of slandering its peaceful growth. China’s activities, notably the expansion of its nuclear weapons, have put the “rules-based international order” in jeopardy, according to Nato. It was the first time Nato has put China at the top of its priority list. China responded by stating that its defense strategy is “defensive in nature” and Nato to “dedicate more of energies to promote dialogue.”

In a statement, China’s envoy to the European Union stated, “Our pursuit of defense and military modernization is rational and transparent.

Therefore, it went on to say that Nato should take a “rational” approach to China’s growth. Also “avoid using China’s legitimate interests and rights as a justification to influence bloc politics, foment conflict, and fuel geopolitical competition”. Also on Monday, Nato issued a statement at the conclusion of a one-day conference in Brussels. It was Joe Biden’s first NATO meeting as President of the United States. Russia is seen as a major danger by the formidable political and military alliance.

Why is Nato concentrating its efforts on China?

Therefore, China’s “stated objectives and forceful behavior constitute threats to the rules-based international order. “China’s regular lack of transparency and use of misinformation continues to worry us,” it writes. “We’re not entering a new Cold War,” Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters. “China is not our rival, nor our enemy.”

“We need to face the concerns that the emergence of China poses to our security as an alliance,” he continued.

Accordingly, Nato has grown more worried about China’s expanding military capabilities. It regards it as a threat to its members’ security and democratic ideals. China’s efforts in Africa, where it has established army bases, have also become a source of concern for the alliance in recent years.

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