UK Influencers Visited Dubai, Terming It ‘Essential.’ Now They’re Stranded Due to Flight Bans

Influencers in Dubai, especially one from European countries have landed in a soup after flights to the United Kingdom has temporarily been suspended from the UAE.

This comes days after several influencers became the subject of controversy as they broke Covid-19 guidelines in Europe to travel and implied their jobs were ‘essential services.’

The suspension comes into effect for all direct flights that are scheduled to arrive in the UK – leaving anyone without a plane stranded, reports The Sun UK.

It means that Brits – including any Instagram stars out in Dubai – will only be able to make their trips back via third countries.

Dubai International airport last night confirmed that anyone with flights booked after 1pm should not turn up to the airport – and must contact their airline for further information.

Reality stars Georgia Harrison, James Lock and Yazmin Oukhellou are those went to UAE.

Glamorous snaps shared with their millions of Instagram followers have flaunted their lavish lifestyles while the UK was in coronavirus lockdown.

Influencers bragging of sunshine breaks during the pandemic were slammed by Home Secretary Priti Patel this week. “People should simply not be travelling. We see plenty of influencers showing off where they are – mainly sunny places,” she said.

UK influencer Sheridan Mordewhad said, “People forget about that and my job is to help people get fit and be motivational whether it’s in the house or it’s in Dubai.” Her Instagram page shapeupwithsher showed images of Sheridan revelling in her time in the sun, hanging out in beach clubs and with friends.

Nobody on the Internet was buying it: With several people calling out the influencers and the culture of jetting off to Dubai.

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