Top books for beginners in stock market

         Increase your wealth by mastering the aspects of stock market with the help of these books ! 

  • THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR – it’s a book written by Benjamin Graham , an American economist . The main theme of this book is value investing in stock market . One can learn the strategies in value investing with the help of this book .
  • A RANDOM WALK DOWN WALL STREET – this book is written by Burton Gorden , economist . The random walk hypothesis states that the market price change randomly and you can’t predict about that in advance.  
  • THE ESSAYS OF WARREN BUFFET : LESSONS FOR INVESTORS AND MANAGERS –  A book by Warren buffet , an American investor and a business tycoon . This book is strongly recommended to those people who are interested in finance , corporate governance and investing .  The author’s thoughts give an insightful view of stock market and good reward to those investors who apply them .
  • HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN STOCKS – a book by William O’Neil , American entrepreneur and stockbroker . One of the best selling book ! .

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