Portfolio diversification – strategy for investment during pandemic .

         Markets are highly volatile during the pandemic.  Investment in just one path can result in a  high risk. Hence wise investors seeks to follow diversification strategy during the pandemic . Investment risk can be eliminated / reduced if one follows it. Diversification is a method of spreading your investment in various asset classes and stocks .  Many investors use balance portfolio strategy ( i.e ) neither excessively diversified not less diversified . Things to keep in mind while investing during pandemic : At this time , it’s not a good idea to when a market will fall or rise . Thus it is necessary to diversify your portfolio for both asset classes and stocks . Add stocks that has a steady growth rather than investing in cyclical stocks . Hold a few liquid investments and that helps to cope up with uncertain events during the pandemic . 

      Never put all the eggs in one basket as one rotten egg may spoil other eggs !!

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