Top 6 Fitness Influencers that you must follow

Most of these influencers have incredibly inspiring stories, diet tips, fitness videos, and other material. Fitness influencers, for example, have aided their fans in adopting a healthier lifestyle marked by the proper exercise and diet.

According to Business Insider, each social media platform attracts influencers in different ways, but Instagram is the most common among models. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, almost four out of five (79%) brands use Instagram for influencer campaigns, compared to 46 percent for Facebook, 36 percent for YouTube, 24 percent for Twitter, and 12 percent for LinkedIn.

Fitness influencers are not only motivating people to stay fit, but they are also setting new fitness fashion trends. Sportswear prices have increased by 36 percent in 2020 relative to the previous year, according to Forbes. The increase in revenue can be due in part to lifestyle improvements, but it can also be attributed to the growing success of influencers and fitness models who advertise and post sports apparel on a regular basis.

Many advertisers are continuing to engage in influencer relationships as a result of the popularity of many influencer marketing strategies. Brands are estimated to invest up to $15 billion on influencer advertising by 2022, according to Forbes.

If you’re a brand searching for fitness influencers for your next campaign or just looking for new fitness influencers to join, our list of 6 top fitness influencers will help you find some incredible fitness experts who are well-known for their outstanding content and large social media following.


He is a top fitness influencer based in Los Angeles who is ranked among the top ten fitness influencers in the world. Simeon Panda has helped thousands of men and women improve their health standards over the years.


Jeff Seid, a native of Washington, is a devoted top fitness influencer who has spent the majority of his time sculpting a stunning body to foster good aesthetics. He is the youngest IFBB pro champion at the age of 19.


Michelle is a lifestyle influencer from South Florida who is well-known in the fitness industry. She’s been a fitness superstar since 2012, and her stunning body has graced the covers of more than 30 magazines.


She is a well-known actress who has appeared in films such as Sharknado 5: Global Warming (2017), Bellezonismo (2019), and Access Hollywood (1996). Yanet runs a modeling school where she prepares young women for a career in modeling. She’s also one of the most famous fitness influencers, with over 13 million Instagram followers.


Sergi Constance is a Spaniard who climbed through the ranks of the fitness industry from modest beginnings. He has a degree in physical education and fitness, as well as a business that sells clothes and workout gear.


Andrei Deiu is a Romanian bodybuilder. He started competing in fitness events when he was 17 years old. He is well-known as a fitness model and personal trainer for his first-place finishes in competitions such as the 2011 Miami Pro.

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