3 Must Watch Korean Dramas during the lockdown !

It’s the time of lockdown when everyone is stuck to the screen. But have you ever considered watching Korean dramas for a change? There’s a taboo among people when it comes to Korean dramas but I must say they are worth giving a watch. Spoiler Alert! They are super addictive. Few dramas which you should give it a watch without fail are;

1. Descendants of the Sun (2016)

A lovely mix of fiction to reality. A captain of the special forces, Yoo Si-jin and Kang Mo-yeona doctor had a brief encounter at a hospital before they were coincidentally transferred to the same overseas peacekeeping mission. The story revolves around how they manage to take forward their relationship amidst all the hardships thrown upon them by life especially when their jobs are conflicting where one having to load a gun to kill enemy forces and the other having to wield a scalpel to save the lives of people.

2. Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (2017)

Not necessary that one has to be emotionally invested when it comes to romantic dramas. This drama is a light-hearted romantic drama where you cannot stop laughing. Full of life and fun. Do Bong-soon in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon is not only outgoing but also physically very strong with her inherited superhuman power. One day, she comes across a group of scary thugs who try to harm her but in return, she beats them up black and blue without breaking a sweat. The scene is coincidentally witnessed by Ahn Min-hyuk, the boss of a big gaming company known as Ainsoft. Impressed by her superpowers he decides to hire her as his bodyguard. 

3. My Secret Romance

If you are looking for a short, sweet, and cute romantic drama, this is it. Cha Jin-Wook is a son from a very wealthy family. His family runs a large multinational company in South Korea. He meets Lee Yoo-Mi during a trip and they have a one-night stand after which Lee Yoo-mi vanishes the next morning. After few years Lee Yoo-mi coincidentally secures a job as a nutritionist in his company where they encounter each other once again which adds a spark all over again.


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