TESLA Is In India?

TESLA is a very well known popular American company for making the best version of electric cars. The current versions are electric cars, energy storage from home to grid-scale, solar panels and solar roof tiles, and other related products.

Tesla was founded by Martin Eberhard and Mark Terpenning in 2003. Elon Mosk served as the CEO of Tesla since 2008.Tesla cars are always the top electric car. (Alprazolam)

Their cars are racing with planes and wins also. The most fascinating thing is that these cars have been to outer space.” Nitin Gadkari” confirms that Tesla cars are launching in India in early 2021.

The features that tesla cars provide is just wonderful. tesla is the one making futuristic cars. In future, we will have the autopilot car that is we just have to put our destination on the map and that’s done.

The car will drive by itself, which Tesla doing even today. Even being electric these cars can cover 0-100 in 3 seconds and above all being electric there is no spend on petrol or diesel. This concludes that it is environment friendly and also pocket friendly.

What will the price of this?

Everyone got excited to know when it was announced by Nitin Gadkari to have tesla’s car been launching in India. Then the question arises what will be the price? Tesla Model 3 is its cheapest version.

In the United States, its price starts from $38000. Estimating the price it says that when this car will come to India, the starting price would be around 60,00,000.

Which is not budget-friendly to the people of India. The huge difference in the price between the abroad and India is due to one reason and that is the car will be of CBU( completely Build Unit).

Which is imported from the country of manufacturer, and directly sold to the Indian customers in a ready condition that is with complete assembly.

For such vehicles 100 pc import duty is charged, for that reason, the price becomes double the original price.

Is an electric car is better than a petrol/ diesel car?

The technology of manufacturing car which runs by electricity is new it has to face a lot of challenges. The environmental damage during the process of making batteries for electric vehicles is much more than that of normal cars.

In India Today also most of the electricity is generated from coal which is itself a big pollutant. So we can say that electric vehicles are not 100 percent green vehicle yet they are much better than petrol/diesel cars.

In 2010 the lifetime EV emission was 2 times lower than the UK average conventional car, while in 2019 lifecycle EV emission were around 3 times than the conventional car and in the coming days, EVs will be more efficient.

In one point of view of the economy if there will be more use of EVs then the use of crude oils can be lessened and that can save up to $300.

In this way, EVs will play a major role in helping India economically.
That’s why electric vehicles are a piece of very good news for India.

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