Hydration is the most important factor in skin health .but we always connect the dehydration with the dry skin. When we have oily skin we tend to avoid moisturizing the face,  thinking that oily skin doesn’t need mosturization .

But , as the body’s largest organ and the one that is arguably most influenced by environmental conditions,  skin needs a moisturiser to mitigate the loss of hydration even it if is oily or acne prone . The key with oily skin is to make sure hydration it without adding extra oil from the products we use.

When there is no moisture in the skin , it becomes dehydrated and to compensate this loss , the skin begins to produce more oil, which leads to the oily skin.

How to understand that we have oily skin – if the large pores in the skin are easily visible and we can see the greasy or shiny appearances , we can conclude that we have the oily skin

Reasons for oily skin – it might be because of surrounding environment , overactive sebaceous gland , genetics,  hormonal changes and lifestyle factors.

Don’t skip the moisturizer – as discussed earlier , people with oily skin tend to skip the moisturizer,  thinking it is not necessary.  But, a suitable moisturiser helps to soothe and protect the skin, it improves the elasticity and prevent water loss.

Moisturisers helps the skin to regulate the natural sebum, but also helps in treating it effectively.

When a oily skin people look up for moisturizers they should consider a gel based texture that is light weight, fast absorbing and most importantly non-greasy.

Men’s skin – men’s  skin tends to be more oilier , rough, thicker  and more prone to environmental and shaving damages . Even men should use the moisturisers according to their skin needs.

One need to understand and choose the skin products according to their own skin types concerns, needs,  ingredients  , benefits , adaptability etc.

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