Does Green Coffee Beans help in weight loss?

Everything you need to know about green coffee beans

Losing weight requires consistent efforts, but people always look for shortcuts and then fall into the trap. Uncountable myths are associated when it comes down to weight loss and one of the popular is connected to the consumption of green coffee beans. Green coffee beans have always been a subject of debate.

With a lot of effort put in by different researchers all around the world, the consumption of brew on human health remains questionable.

This article takes an in-depth look at green coffee, including its potential benefits and risks.

What is green coffee?

Green espresso bean extract comes from espresso beans that haven’t been roasted. Coffee beans incorporate compounds referred to as chlorogenic acids. Some consider those compounds to have antioxidant effects, assist decrease blood pressure, and assist you to lose weight. Roasting espresso reduces chlorogenic acid content.

The extract is offered as a tablet and maybe determined online or in fitness meal stores.

A typical dose is between 60 and 185 milligrams per day.

Claim: Fact or fiction?

Does consumption of green coffee help in weight loss?

After a lot of researches done by the health experts in the area, it is proved that green coffee beans have some potential for weight loss. However, the studies were poorly designed, and they were not long-term, so the situation remains dubious. One of the main ingredients present in green coffee i.e. Chlorogenic acid delivers effective result as weight loss supplements.

The positive side of taking green coffee

The extract of green coffee contains pharmacologically active compounds and is rich in antioxidants that help to cure many diseases. The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans proves beneficial to our health.

Here are few points that prove green coffee beans healthy.

Type 2 diabetes

The presence of chlorogenic acid in green coffee helps to regulate glucose and insulin level in our body which helps to fight type 2 diabetes.

Blood pressure

One of the studies conducted in the year 2019 shows that taking green coffee more than 400 mg of the extract for 4 weeks helps in reducing both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with hypertension that will automatically improve the function of blood vessels.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects

It has been found that the extracts of green coffee have the presence of Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. One of the main reasons behind cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and autoimmune disease is chronic inflammation that can damage our cells. Taking green coffee as a part of our diet will help in fighting these diseases.

Alzheimer’s ailment and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative ailment and the number one reason for dementia. As there may be no treatment for Alzheimer’s found up to now we will sincerely take a few precautions to guard ourselves against falling into the entice of those diseases. Eating wholesome and doing exercising is one such step, however inexperienced espresso outcomes useless as well.


The negative side of green coffee beans

Because of the limited research, the long-term negative effects are still not determined however, the presence of caffeine in green coffee numerous side effects. Some of the most common side effects that have been seen in people include upset stomach Increased heart rate, frequent urination, trouble sleeping, restlessness, anxiety.

People that are allergic to coffee should ignore consuming green coffee also, different green coffee contains a different quantity of caffeine, so people should look into the labels before buying green coffee.

Due to the limited availability of information, pregnant women and children should avoid taking green coffee.

More information about green coffee

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laid out some instructions to be followed by the companies that are engaged in the production of green coffee. They instructed them to do scientific research on the supplements that claim losing weight. The company should remain more cautious and accountable about the supplements they used.

The FTC and FDA did quite a commendable job in controlling the companies that make such unreasonable claims about weight loss. They look after the companies that make false promises about weight loss using misleading languages to make a fool of their consumers. They regulate the ingredients and the product labels however there is a loophole the dietary supplements cannot seek the approval of the FDA before going into the market. Furthermore, they have the liberty to conduct their researches and testing without asking FDA for their approval. The FDA cannot interfere in the working of the private companies unless there are some complaints about false claims appears.

If you are buying green coffee especially for losing weight I would highly recommend you to check the FTC website, see if there is anything negative you could find about the company, and make sure they are not accused of making unreasonable claims about their diet supplements.


No doubt green coffee beans had proved effective in controlling blood pressure and in helping to cure diabetes but besides these positive sides of green coffee, the question is that green coffee beans help in losing weight remains dubious. More and more research should be conducted on this topic.

However, if you are looking for ways to lose weight, I think you should look for ways that are healthy and natural like exercise is a good option. Always seeks guidance from the doctor before taking such supplements as they will clear you with everything you are curious about. Don’t forget to check the FTC website before buying such supplements.


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