Stop overthinking-serious ⚠️ warning.

Ways to stop overthinking .

1. Think postive.

It is hard to think postive sometimes, when the situation is totally wrong, but we have to keep thinking positive not for others but for ourselves, taking stress, anger, insecurities can cause a lot of harm to our body specially, brain, which can led to bad focus whatever work you do either studying or anything else.

Read books, do what you love.

Everyone has different taste of choices, reading books can cause a lot of calmness in our mind, but rarely people do that, a minor reason is they don’t buy books to read, it seemes funny but yes there are most of the people who dont buy books , but reading is reading its not necessary to read books only,we can read articles,contents,memes, poetries, newspaper etc . Like you are reading this.

Sleep 😴.

It is scientifically proven that sleep causes a great sense of happiness when you woke up, some people might get distrubed and tangled with overthinking because they can’t sleep, 

Here are some tips to follow,

1 . Make distance to you phone,before sleeping.

2 . Close your eyes as much as possible when you are trying to sleep.

3 . Find you comfort position.

4 . If you can’t sleep check your phone , use it than again go to sleep

Lastly, stop overthinking and live a happy life.

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