Intelligent work of dog community

This is something informative for us , because we have seen several times and  noticed , why does the dogs specifically urinate in tyres . 

But this information may be slightly,  unimportant for us and think it is of no use , and I kindly request , you to know the science behind this ..Let’s get into it: In those days,  to communicate a message,  they used paintings , drawings and sculptures etc, and later they formed as words , and then , they changed to language and the pigeon, as a postman, delivers the message in the form of letter . 

Now , for humans to communicate,  language is required , and in the same way animals use to communicate, the langauge called PHEROMONES  . Pheromones is the reason, why ants go in the same order , and If we touch the honey bees,  they all come and attack us in the same time ,and finally , the dogs does the same thing .. Pheromones is nothing but a tool to communicate for animals.  

Specifically in our case , if one dog uses that secretive hormone and urinates , and if the other dog , passes by , sniffs it , it comes to know the information about the dog which urinated first,  whether it is puppy or adult , female or male and most important it is ready to mate or not , and things like that . So the dogs , smells the urinate of the other dog , and receives the information and does the remaining work . 

Most important : To find an perfect pair ,and attractive,  which comes , with urinate as pheromones, and finally it acts like a TINDER . For example,  If a dog in street A , has urinated in every nooks and corners , to pass information and marked with pheromones and tells that , this is my place , and if the dog in street B ,comes and smells , and it will retrieve the information and comes to know , that it’s not our place . Mainly because,  the reason , to avoid the outside animals don’t come often to their areas , and if they other animals comes it , the street A dog will BARK . So the main part is, here it is : The car tyres usually go to different locations and areas,  and thereby the tyres the tyres have different smells in it . 

Dogs get attracted to this tyres and urinates , and as a result , they think that , my information should also be posted , and they get attracted to other female or male dogs . If we have noticed keenly , first they smells the tyre , and interprets the information and then they urinate it. TO KNOW : If a man visits to the forest,  and stays there using the tent,  he will spread the tent by pheromones , because to avoid ,the other animals don’t get into it ,and they leave off . I hope this information would have provided some insights for you. 

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