How Ajey Nagar become Carryminati!

Carryminati aka Ajey nagar is a well-known face on the social media platform. He recently became Asia’s number one individual YouTuber.
In the year 2020 carryminati was one of the most searched words in google by Indians. Everyone wanted to know about him, his personal life, his professional growth and a lot more.
So here are some of the most important events and timelines of his life.


Carryminati aka Ajey nagar was born in Faridabad, Haryana. His Birthdate is 12 June 1999. He stays in Faridabad with his family.
His father is a lawyer and his mother is a doctor. Besides his parents, he has an elder brother whose name is Yash Nagar, who is a music producer and DJ. carryminati is extremely close to his parents and his brother.

According to him he is an introvert and always likes to stay at home. Carryminati was an average student in school and spent his most of the time in playing football and video game when he was a child.


When carry was 11 years old his friend suggested him to install Windows 7 on his computer and play various games. Keeping his friend’s words he installed it n played games.

He liked the feature of windows 7 though he didn’t like the games much. When gradually he started putting small trick videos and some gameplays in his first-ever channel ‘STEALTHFEARZ’.
He used to put football trick videos in it but couldn’t get views in that.

On 30 October 2014, he posted a gameplay commentary video in his newly built channel “Addicted A1”.
In this channel, he mostly used to post gameplay and gameplay commentaries in various mimic voices, mostly of Sunny Deol and Hrithik Roshan.
Then he started gameplay roasting which got him more views on his videos. He is called the pioneer of the roasting community in India. In 2016 he roasted Bhuvan Bam who at that time was a very famous individual YouTuber.

Problems he faced

This roast got him heavy views in his channel and subscriber growth. He got much criticism from Bhuban’s fans because of this roasting but when Bhuban himself liked the video carry got a lot of views and appreciation than expected.
Then he chose roasting as his full-time YouTube career. At the time of his twelfth board, he went to his father and asked for his permission to pursue YouTube as his full-time career.

When his dad agreed to that he dropped out from school and joined an open school. He initially named his channel from ‘Addicted A1’ to ‘Carrydeol’ but when he got the fame he officially changed his YouTube channel name to “CARRYMINATI”.
While his channel was growing exponentially, on the other hand, he was getting copyright strikes also.
In 2016 he got 3 copyright strikes 2 are from bakchod baba and one from Nepali singer vim norula. With the help of his fans and some external contacts, he recovered his channel from getting terminated.

After that, he took permission before roasting anyone. After that, his channel grew splendidly and he became unstoppable.
Many celebrities got fame from getting roasted by him also like Dhinchak pooja, Deepak kalal etc. On one hand, he was getting fame on the other hand he was silently handling all the abuse criticism he got. But at the end he made it.


In the year 2020 when the whole corona pandemic started and everyone was told to be at home, social media set on fire by the fight between tiktokers and YouTubers.
Some of the small YouTubers made some roast video against cringe tiktoks and tiktokers.

In reply a TikTok made an igtv video against YouTubers and tagged many big YouTubers, carry was one of them. On 3rd may 2020 carry replied to that igtv video via his roast which broke the YouTube algorithm worldwide.
While the video was On verge of being the most liked video in the world, YouTube deleted that video for community guidelines on May 8, five days after releasing the video.

Carry fans got very angry with the situation and made carries next video yalgaar which was a reply video to YouTube for deleting the video, the most liked Indian video.

The whole YouTube vs tiktok controversy gave carry a huge exponential success. He got 1.8 M subscribers in only 24hrs.he got 15 M subscribers in just 3 months.
And now Carryminati is Asia’s no 1 individual YouTuber having 30M subscribers in his main Channel and 9M subscribers in his gaming channel. He is also the most followed Indian YouTuber on Instagram with 12.5M followers.

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