CHLOE TING a 35-year-old fitness you tuber – who made many lives fit and healthy. She has over 20 million subscribers and 2 billion views on YouTube. Initially, in 2011 Chloe ting started her own youtube channel about fashion and beauty. In 2017 her channel completely turned to focus on fitness.


From 2017, Chloe ting had made many fitness videos, but, 2020 is a game-changer in her life. Because due to pandemic everyone is stuck at home, gyms were closed and her free home workouts became popular. Her “ABS IN TWO WEEKS” video went viral on YouTube, it has over 350 million views many teenagers started doing her workouts. Many vloggers have posted their videos of trying her workouts and shared before and after results. She gained massive subscribers because her workouts are fun and effective. #chloetingchallenge became viral on every social media platform. She has a website; she provides free workout schedules and healthy recipes.


Chloe is changing many lives better through her videos by promoting health and fitness. Many people becoming healthy, fit gaining their confidence back. Exercise increases our life span.


Due to this insane popularity of Chloe, she is getting so much negativity and haters. Chloe says that “consult a doctor before starting workout if you have any health issues”. She mentions this start of her every workout video. She is telling us to be cautious. So there is no need of spreading negativity. Even though so many people backlashing her, she’s still spreading positivity, consistently posting videos.


Chloe ting belongs to an Asian family. In one of her videos, she said that her family didn’t support her for being on youtube, but now they’re happy. She is in a relationship with Adrian. She is a very happy and sweet person.


I was a big fat girl with over 72kgs at age of 18. I was always insecure about my body. I was on my weight loss journey since 2017, I tried Zumba, cardio, diets, walking, calorie restriction what not I tried everything to lose weight but I didn’t drop a kg. I was depressed and hopeless. One day youtube recommended me “ABS IN TWO WEEKS” video of Chloe ting. Then I started my #chloetingchallenge journey. I did Chloe ting workouts consistently in the pandemic. I lost 15 kgs in about 7-8 months, with a proper diet. I became happy and confident about myself. She changed my life. I admire Chloe ting because despite losing weight, my mental health improved. I am happy, confident and most importantly I’m healthy. Everyone’s body is different, results take time and vary for different body types. Results will show up if you stay consistent.


Chloe is an inspiration for people who wants to start their career in the fitness industry and you tube. She is providing free workout schedules so, get out of your couch and give her workouts a try. If you want motivation to work out check out her results videos.  In the end, losing weight is not a goal becoming healthy is our priority, losing weight is an additional benefit of working out. Be productive and become a healthy and better version of yourself.

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