Actress ‘Lily Reinhart’ stands for sample size

Lily Reinhart is an American actress and author. She is known for portraying Betty Cooper on The CW teen drama series Riverdale. The actress recently posted a story on Instagram in which she wrote that she supports the ‘sample size has to change’. She also adds that ”actresses and models are expected to fit a ”sample size” [usually size 0 or 2] when given clothes for photoshoots and red carpets. It’s such an unrealistic and outdated expectation for men and women to meet this standard.” Actress from time to time shares her views on a similar topic.

Over the past few years, many stylists and models call for an end to unrealistic sample sizes. Over the past decade, the industry has been at its most inclusive yet. Fashion has gradually become a little less sizeist, racist, and ageist. As the fashion industry is welcoming new thinking in the world by embracing plus-size models. And yet there is much work is to be done in this area to normalize everything.

Actress Lily has shared her direct feeling about this topic with the world through various platforms. Such as at Glamour WOTY 2018, She opened up about Body Image and about self-love. She said that she is conscious of her body all the time. She says people even criticize her for opening up about it as she is skinny. To which Lily added that she didn’t realize what was wrong with her body until she entered an industry that rewards and praises people having a smaller waist. It is a real issue on which people should talk and open up about. These issues are what change our society’s thinking.

Lili Reinhart at Glamour WOTY 2018

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