Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have been living in the United States for two years since they stepped down as senior working royals in the U.K. During this time, they have lost publicly funded police protection, leaving them vulnerable to potential security threats.

The couple’s daughter, Lilibet Diana, was born in June, but has yet to meet her great-grandmother, the Queen, and other members of the royal family. This has caused some to question why Harry and Meghan cannot have security while living in the U.S.

The answer lies in the fact that the U.K. government does not provide security for citizens who are not in the country. Harry and Meghan are no longer considered working royals, and as such, they are not eligible for publicly funded security.

The couple has had to take matters into their own hands, hiring private security firms to protect them and their family. This has been costly, and it has been reported that Harry and Meghan have spent millions of dollars on security since they moved to the U.S.

The lack of security for Harry and Meghan has raised concerns about their safety, especially in light of their high profile. The couple has been the target of online abuse and threats, and there have been reports of people attempting to gain access to their home.

The situation has been further complicated by the fact that the U.S. does not have the same security protocols as the U.K. This means that Harry and Meghan cannot rely on the same level of protection that they would have had if they had remained in the U.K.

The lack of security for Harry and Meghan is a troubling situation, and one that highlights the need for better security protocols for citizens living abroad. It is clear that the couple needs to be protected, and it is hoped that a solution can be found soon.

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